Jessie's favorite position
This is just a small sample of the dozens of pictures I have of Jessie in this position. It is how I remember her most fondly, and the pictures that are the hardest for me to look at.  If we were watching TV, she would get her eye on me. I would ignore her on purpose, as was part of the game, and she would stare and stare. Finally, she would roll over and give me the "look".  I, of course, would go give her a belly rub and tell her how silly she was. The middle picture on the right was printed in the AKC Gazette magazine, as an illustration to an article on getting your dog to be comfortable on its back. The picture in the center was a page in the 1997 365 Dogs calendar.
Jess upside down Jess upside down again Gosh, upside down again
and again Leaf Hat and yet again
still upside down waiting for diapers? on her back


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