Those We've Lost and Miss Dearly
Julie Jessie Fred Chester
Sister, daughter, Mother and wife
Sept.11, 1955-
June 25, 1996
Sept. 23, 1986-
Nov. 3,1984- Sept.19,1991
Aug.3, 1997


Good Bye
The hardest task in life is saying goodbye. I cannot, but choose instead to tell you I will miss you and hold you close in my heart until we joyfully meet in a much better place.


Jessie had many special friends. Thanks to all who helped make her life a happy one. In addition to our family, friends Kathy, Trish, Cindy, Teri, Sue, Diane, Marta, Heather, Staci and Kip, Janine, Joyce (Jessie's godmother),  Dorothy (the world's best babysitter!), Lisa, Manny and Theresa,  Deb, Sandy, Rob, Elizabeth, and Samantha.

Her special canine friends Shawn, Christian (her boyfriend!), Tori, Ryan, Lia, Indi, Cedar, Chancie, BayLee (Bailey), Jody, Sammy,  Nikki , Sherlock, Liza, Watson, Sheba and Moses.

Special thanks to Anna, friend first and Vet second. You always went above and beyond.

Also to Dr. Iverson and his staff. The meaning of compassion.  Thank you.

And thanks to Jennifer, for giving me the courage to finish this project.


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He is greatly missed.


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