Please visit all these special furkids.

Jennifer's baby, adorable little cocker whose site will make you smile and cry, you can't miss it!

Another adorable little cocker who owned Barbara. Read about Sassy and her family.

Ron and Delia's doxies
A wonderful site showing Ron and Delia's dachshunds...dear Heidi, who left them August of 1999, Nugget who is now 14 and the two new kids, Gretchen and Ilsa.

Cederstrand Farm
You won't believe the critters on Rob and Barbara's farm!!! You have to see this site, cute animals galore. Also check out Rob's artwork.

Meet the crazies! Linus, a handsome little black and tan doxie boy, and his brand new sister Chloe. Plus the cats of course, Lucy and Orion.

The loyal and longtime companion of Rich. Thor was three fourths longhaired dachshund and one fourth cocker spaniel. What a cute guy. Very sorely missed. Also see Rich's current boy, Stormy , a beautiful standard black and tan longhaired dachshund.

Apollo and Dodgie
Two beautiful dobermans who are and always will be very much missed by Mom, Ronna.

Dachshunds Are Number One
Angie's two little ones, JoJo, a black and tan longhaired dachshund, and Rose, a red smooth dachshund. These two are precious.

Asterix and Nuggi
Check out these two Danish sweeties, longhaired dachshunds Asterix and Nuggi.

Janice's doxie page
Meet Abby, Cody and Heidi, Janice's three doxies. They will make you laugh and there are also a lot of other doxie pictures on her page. Including Janice's world famous doggie recipe that is guaranteed to make your babies coat shine!

Lil Paws Ranch
This mini smooth doxie ranch in Southern California treat all their doxies like part of the family. Raising healthy puppies since 1991.

A beautiful site of Longhaired doxies in the Netherlands. Adorable dogs who are very loved family members and also accomplished show dogs.

Conrad and Finnious's Page
You have NEVER seen two little guys quite like brothers. They are the cutest things, both with one brown and one blue eye. They are the major healing forces in Clarese's life right now, after losing her beloved Lu. Check them out!

Johnny's Kids
For anyone who has lost a beloved pet, this site is for you. Here you will find heartfelt stories and poems from someone who truly understands the depth of your loss, having lost three precious Chow girls of his own. And you can also see his current furkid, a beautiful red chow named Sheena. Some wonderful writings and images.

See this memorial to a precious little black and tan dachshund. Sparky is loved and missed dearly by Noel.

Christi's Family

A very special award. Thanks Christi!
Please visit Christi's furkids.
Suzi - best friend, loving companion. Sadly missed.
Bubba - a cute little min pin.

Christi's current furkids
Lucy - Christi's red mini smooth doxie. She's a doll!
Cody - Christi saved Cody from a life on the streets.
Callie - the feline member of the family.

Thank you Ginny for this beautiful tribute. Please visit Lady's pages. Lady is a wonderful little longhaired dachshund.

Ronna's Boys

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Thank you Ronna, for this special award from your beautiful boys
Apollo and Diogenes.